Feb 14, 2013
We're convinced love does more than just improve your mood. It might just improve your style, as well—at least if you look at some of today's hottest celebrity couples. Have you noticed how much more adventurous Jessica Biel has become with her hairstyle since her relationship with Justin Timberlake began? Or how much more chic Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine has become since her love affair with Kanye West? In 2006 just before Biel met her main man, she was wearing a simple blonde bob. As her relationship with JT blossomed, so did her affinity for more daring hairstyles. From platinum blonde in 2008 to chestnut waves in 2010, Biel has really mixed things up. We love how fashion-forward her current long mocha locks and blunt bangs are. Besides her hair, she’s become bolder with her makeup, as well. Check out her minimal look on the red carpet in 2006 compared to the daring winged eyeliner she rocked at this summer's Total Recall premiere in London. JT has truly brought out a different side of this 7th Heaven actress! Meanwhile, the wild reality star known for her overly sexy style has toned things down a bit for her new beau, Kanye. Kim Kardashian always smoldered in big hair and an intense smoky eye, but recently she’s allowed her natural beauty to shine through. This past New Year’s Eve, we were pleasantly surprised with her more subtle look. Forget for better or worse. When it comes to these couples, things are only getting better and better.

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