Karie Frost Nov 7, 2012

There’s something both aspirational and relatable about actress Julianne Moore. We covet her enviable red tresses and alabaster skin, but we also adore that she wears her fabulous freckles with pride and is unapologetic about the aging process (she’s in her 50s; who knew?). Perhaps that’s why L’Oréal Paris just tapped her as the latest face of the brand. “Skin care is very important to me,” Moore says, adding that she’s been a strict devotee of daily sunscreen application for the past 23 years—undoubtedly the reason her complexion looks so darn good. She also knows how to play to her beauty. “I am very fair, so if I want to define my face, I must use cosmetics! Particularly mascara and blush,” she says. “When I go out, I always use Voluminous Million Lashes. I also like to put on some L’Oréal Paris Glam Bronze Bronzing Powder for a light, summery feeling. And, like every woman, I love a little concealer!” When it comes to aging gracefully, Moore believes self-confidence is key. “For me, it’s very important to be where you are in life, and appreciate that," she confides. "We are lucky to age; it is a privilege to grow old. Our life experience brings us so much richness and knowledge. And I find that I am much more comfortable with myself as I grow older.” Candor and an optimistic outlook: Moore is our new best beauty friend.

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