Oct 14, 2010
Nails seemed to have replaced tattoos in the celebrity category of "How can I shock people with my self expression?" Luckily for today's stars, it's a lot easier to remove your nail art than it is to get rid of that "Billy Bob" tat when your Hollywood romance takes a nasty nosedive. One person spearheading this digit-al trend: Katy Perry, whose infamous Russell Brand manicure at last month's MTV Video Music Awards was like the famous person's version of silkscreening your cat's photo onto your tote bag. Now, the California Gurl has outdone herself once again. Yesterday, she tweeted the above picture of her newest nail art—long, pointy tips with black lace appliques—with the caption, "Glove tip lace nails anyone?" The post has received nearly 400 comments in just under 24 hours, with most people giving the look a resounding thumbs up. With only two weeks to go until Halloween, I predict a nationwide sellout of black lace gloves as young girls everywhere snip and glue their way to celebrity nail impersonation. What do you think of Katy's lacy look? Would you ever wear it?


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