Jane Marie Jul 31, 2012
I never, ever, ever check my luggage. Not even on long trips across oceans to multiple climates. I'm far from a minimalist; it's more about the anxiety I feel to get where I'm going. Also I'm a fearful flyer and want to GTFO of airports as soon as possible after we touch down. And also I hate hanging out in baggage claim waiting for a motionless conveyer belt to spring to life only to stand there for 45 minutes and then be told they lost your luggage. So I don't do it, and you know what? My wardrobe might suffer, but my beauty regimen will not. Here's how to cram the most beauty junk into your quart-sized clear plastic bag. 1. Always Ask for Samples When someone says, "Would you like a sample of..." don't even let them finish. Just say, "Yes, please! Thank you!" and throw it in your tote without looking at it. Here is my sample drawer in my bathroom: <samples.jpg> Some are from online orders at Sephora and Ulta where they give you freebies upon checkout, others are from the dermatologist's office, and still others from smaller beauty shops that hide their samples behind the counter, but now you know they are there. (C.O. Bigelow, you have been outed!) Okay, and yes, some are from hotels. They are perfect for not taking up much room in your Ziploc bag. And you know what? Vacations are the perfect time to try new things, such as free samples of weird hair gels or face masks. No one there knows you, so feel free to possibly look like a weirdo. 2. Find Non-Liquid Replacements for Liquids and Gels Replace shampoo with dry shampoo, face wash with facial cleansing cloths, sunless tanning lotion with towelettes, sunscreen with powdered sunscreen. Sort through your liquids and think, "Does this come in a dry form?" I think there's even dry toothpaste, right? <non-liquids.jpg> 3. Plan Ahead Set aside all the liquids you plan to bring the night before and sleep on it. I recently went to Canada and here's my "before" pile: <liquids and gels.jpg> I usually wake up with the clarity that I've either selected far too many or not enough things, without having to stand there staring at everything and agonizing (and then being so distracted by "to bring the face cream or to not bring the face cream" that I forget my passport). Just walk away from it for a bit. Remember that stuff up above? Turns out it only filled half the bag! <all my stuff.jpg> So I got to go NUTS and bring liquid face wash. And finally... 4. Go Without Sometimes it's nice to take a vacation from your daily routine. Have you ever wondered if you could skip foundation for a few days without dying? Try it in Cancun, but don't forget the (powdered) sunscreen.


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