Jan 22, 2015

Since makeup doesn't usually come with an expiration date, it can be hard to know how fresh it truly is — who remembers how long ago you bought that lip gloss after all? Here's how to eliminate some of the mystery by getting the longest life possible out of your favorite products:

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Think your medicine cabinet is a good place for makeup? Not if you're taking hot showers nearby every day! Foundation should be kept away from heat. Keep it in a cooler spot for a longer shelf life.


Get the most out of your favorite brushes (personally, we love NYX Cosmetics 15 Piece Makeup Brush Kit) by cleaning them regularly. Rinse with warm water, then fill a bowl with warm water and wash your brushes with baby shampoo. Rinse the brushes under warm water again, and then air dry. Toss them when you see bristles in your makeup.


Every time you put the wand back into the mascara tube, you're letting in bacteria. Yikes! Conserve your number of dips, and never share your mascara — sorry, friends!


Lipstick should never get breakable, powdery or turn to mush, so keep them temperature controlled. This means leaving your favorite shade in your glove compartment or purse is a no-no! Take your lip color with you on the go, but return it to a cool place until the next time you need it.

How do you keep your makeup fresh? Share your secrets in the comments!

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