Gel eyeliner. It’s a makeup miracle — the smooth application, extreme precision, long-lasting dramatic effect … and let’s not forget about the perfect cat eye you can achieve with this smudge-free stuff. It’s practically foolproof, but the eyeliner brush on the other hand hardens up like a cocktail stick with each use. We’ve rounded up two of our makeup pros Allison O’Connor and Jessy De Ortiz to share their secrets for preventing your gel eyeliner brush from solidifying, so you can apply your fave shade of Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner time and time again … without scraping your lids.  

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Tip #1: Baby Shampoo

“I like to clean my gel eyeliner brush right away when the product is still soft. I use baby shampoo because it’s gentle and doesn’t leave any irritants behind. Just put a small amount of shampoo in your palm or on your fingers and work it into your brush until it lathers up and no gel residue is left behind. Then rinse clean and lay it flat on a towel until next time!” –Allison O’Connor 

Tip #2: Dishwashing Soap

“I give my brush a wash (after every job) with liquid dishwashing soap. I put a little lukewarm water in my palm and wiggle the brush into the soap water. That does the job and removes germs without hurting the brush or bristles. There are also sprays that clean them, but I would say many makeup artists use dishwashing soap after work to leave their brushes clean.” –Jessy De Ortiz

Tip #3: Our Lazy Girl’s Trick

Another quick fix to brush stiffening is a simple swipe with a makeup removing towelette! Try Garnier Clean + The Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes or Maybelline Clean Express Facial Towelettes to leave your bristles feeling soft and new.

MDC Gel Eyeliner Brush Picks

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How do you clean your gel eyeliner brush? Let us know in the comments below! 

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