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If you can't get enough of Pinterest and wish you had more time to find the best beauty looks on the photo-sharing site, this column is for you. Each week we highlight a coveted hairstyle, makeup technique or nail design with a popular following, and get the tips and tricks for creating it from the person behind the original pin. For this edition we couldn't help but get into the spirit of trick-or-treating by catching up with the blogger behind this fierce feline Halloween makeup. From Head to Toe blogger Jen created this stunning lion-inspired Halloween makeup two years ago, but it's so popular that people are still pinning and posting about it today. Pair it with a kitty-cat costume for an October 31st look that's easy and far from generic. Here's how to do it. WHAT YOU NEED: HOW TO DO IT: The face:  Step 1: Using a flat, synthetic brush, apply the yellow-toned foundation to create a flawless canvas. Step 2: Using an angled contouring brush, apply a flesh-toned cream makeup that's a few shades darker than your complexion along both sides of your nose (on the flat part of your face), around the entire perimeter of your face and down the middle of your forehead. Blend well using your foundation brush to add subtle depth to those areas. Step 3: Using a concealer brush, apply a cream color that's a few shades lighter than your skin tone to the bottom lash lines and inner corners of your eyes, above the thick area of your brows, along the bridge of your nose and around your mouth (to create a snout). Blend with your fingertips for a natural finish. Step 4: Create an upside-down triangle on the tip of your nose using the black felt-tip liquid eyeliner. The point should be at the bottom of your nose. Then draw a line from the tip of the triangle straight down to your lips. Tip: "Rest a pinkie on your cheek while you line so you have a steadier hand," Jen says. The eyes: Step 5: Still using the black felt-tip liquid eyeliner, create the pronounced tearducts by first drawing a vertical quarter-inch line from your inner top lash lines past your natural tearducts. Then fully line your top lash lines. Finally, line your bottom lash lines, creating a sharp extended triangle that connects to the first line at the inner corners of your eyes. Fill in the area inside the pronounced tearducts with the black eyeliner. Tip: When it comes to drawing straight lines, "it's always easier to add little by little than to add too much and redo anything with black eyeliner," Jen says. Step 6: Set your work with blotting powder. Step 7: Blend shimmery dark chocolate eye shadow on top of the black liner on your eyelids. Extend the line out a bit past the outer corners of your eyes. Step 8: Blend shimmery white eye shadow below your brow bones and around the outside of the black eyeliner at the inner corners of your eyes to make the liner really pop. Step 9: Apply the false lash strips to your top lash lines. Step 10: Curl your lashes with the faux strips attached and apply black mascara. The whiskers: Step 11: Using an angled eyeliner brush, fill in the triangle on your nose with the soft pink cream blush. Step 12: Blend the white or vanilla shade in the powder contouring palette over the light cream you already applied to your mouth, nose and eye areas. Step 13: Apply the dark brown shade in the contouring palette to go over the areas to which you added depth with the darker cream. Add a bit just below your cheekbones, too. Step 14: Using the dark brown gel eyeliner, create the effect of whiskers by applying two rows of dots along your upper lip area. Blend the dots slightly together using the matte brown eye shadow. The lips: Step 15: Using your fingertip, apply the beige lipstick to your lips. Dab a bit of the fuchsia shade on the middle of your bottom lip only for a stained effect. Step 16: Brush out your brows and you're done!

Photo: Courtesy of Jen at From Head to Toe



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