Marisa Petrarca Jan 8, 2018

If you’ve come across Kristen Leanne on YouTube, then there’s a good chance you’ve fallen in love with her whimsical, quirky personality, as well as her makeup tutorials, product reviews and trend recaps. If you’ve come across her on Instagram, then you’ve probably found yourself mesmerized by the way Leanne plays with color and transforms her face into a canvas. No matter what social media platform you’ve fallen in love with Leanne on, it’s clear that her passion for makeup and authenticity shines through, which is one of the many reasons why Urban Decay partnered with her to create the iconic Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay collection.

In recent weeks, we got word that her very own collection was coming and we could only speculate through Instagram teases (AKA screenshot them,  zoom-in and study) about what amazing products were headed our way. Thankfully, the entire collection has officially dropped and is made up of seven different, colorful products, including three palettes that you’re going to want to covet immediately: the vibrant Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow palette, ($39) the neutral Daydream Eyeshadow palette ($26) and Leanne’s signature Beauty Beam Highlight palette ($34). In typical UD fashion, the product packing is also on point.

Also included in the collection are three must-have shades of UD x Kristen Leanne Vice Lipstick, a neutral Vice Liquid Lipstick Duo and a super-cool gray liquid lipstick in Pulse. To complete the collection, there’s a mustard yellow shade of eyeshadow that Kristen can’t live without,  named “S.G.H” — a reference to Leanne’s favorite song, “Sister Golden Hair.” For more insight on the collection from Kristen Leanne herself, check out the video below and shop the whole collection, here.


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About the Author:Marisa is an assistant beauty editor at where she's responsible for creating content that inspires, informs and influences readers. She's obsessed with trying new beauty products, hoards a crazy amount of lipstick and her second love (besides makeup) is food. Her work has also appeared in Domino Magazine, StyleCaster, Guest of a Guest and Jeannine Morris Media.

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