For decades, French women have been the queen bees of the beauty scene. They’ve been the shining example of chic, flawless beauty, as they always seem to have the perfect skin, hair and makeup. While we understand the fascination, we believe there are other women in the world who have that je ne sais quois and deserve to bask in the beauty spotlight as well. We’re calling out the city that has long been admired for being populated by strong, beautiful, carefree women: Los Angeles. These beach-dwelling babes have flown under the radar long enough. Move over, Frenchies — LA girls are about to steal your beauty thunder and this is why!

LA Girls are the New French Girls

They’ve Got Glow

While French gals are known for their flawless, porcelain skin, women in the City of Angels are known for that sun-kissed skin. Though they know better than to achieve their glow from the sun, they do have a tan reputation to uphold. Get a California (faux) tan going for yourself by enlisting the help of some sunless tanner. And don’t worry about turning into a streaky, orange dream machine. Just follow this guide to sunless tanner and people will be asking you for directions to the Santa Monica Pier in no time!

Product Recommendations: Lancôme Flash Bronzer, L’Oréal Paris Sublime Glow Daily Body Moisturizer + Natural Skin Tone Enhancer, L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer

Beach-Ready Hair

While Parisians have the Eiffel Tower, LA gals have a little swimming hole they like to call the Pacific Ocean. One of the requirements of living by the beach is making sure your hair is ready for pre- and post-beach time. Nothing comes between a SoCal girl and the ocean, not even wet hair. They’ve perfected the art of the five-minute beach bun or braid and the equally speedy post-dip waves.

They Know the Value of a Great Lip Gloss

As much as we adore a chic, red lip, there’s something really lovely about a shiny, glossy pout. Because of the laid-back, ocean backdrop, the LA girl look calls for a more casual edge. There’s a time and a place for a bright, bold lip, but for Malibu brunches and shopping around Melrose, lip gloss is the perfect companion … and they make it look gooood! A bubble gum pink or coral shimmery pout is the perfect accessory for any LA outing.

Product Recommendations: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis Á Lévres Glossy Stain, L’Oréal Paris Infallible 8HR Plumping Gloss, Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Their Pedicure Game is Strong

When the sand and surf are in your backyard and the weather report constantly reads 80 degrees and sunny, sandals are a staple. And, with their toes being constantly on display, it’s no wonder LA ladies always rock the perfect pedicure. Chipped polish or bare toenails (gasp!) are just not an option for these beach bunnies. Get some pristine LA tootsies for yourself by following this tutorial.

They’re Always Ready to Go … Anywhere

From hikes to the Hollywood sign to dinner at a downtown rooftop, there’s always something to do in lovely LA, so these girls need to be ready to roll at a moment’s notice … and they are! They’ve perfected the art of the quick, car touch-up and can apply a cat eye amidst rush hour traffic. So, they’re basically makeup wizards. Get your own on-the-go game on lock by following this product guide.

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