We’re all about versatility here at Makeup.com. From hairstyles that go with any outfit or occasion to makeup that can take us from the office to a dinner date, we go ham on products and looks that go above and beyond their call of duty. So when our pals at Lancôme surprised us with samples of their world-renowned Dual Finish Foundation, it didn’t take us long to go into “fangirl” mode over this iconic multi-tasking powder (it’s been around for more than 30 years!). Whether you want the coverage of traditional foundation or need something for quick touch-ups throughout the day, this foundation is the answer to any and all makeup needs … and here’s why:

Lancome foundation, foundation

It’s Like Second Skin

One of the first details you’ll notice about the Dual Finish Foundation — aside from the 35 shades that cater to virtually every skin tone — is the product’s delicate, powder-fresh scent. Silky to the touch, the formula has a matte consistency that blends seamlessly into the skin (no cakey finish here!), making it ideal for use as a daily foundation, concealer and/or setting powder. Heck, you can even make it your contouring powder if you go a few shades darker or highlighter if you go a few shades lighter.

It Serves Multiple Purposes

There’s a commonly held belief that one needs to cover her entire face with foundation for a flawless look, but the Dual Finish Foundation debunks this little beauty myth. This lightweight powder does its job even when used to simply cover up problem areas like red patches, acne and dark spots. All you need is a flat foundation or concealer brush to apply the powder on your areas of concern, blend it in a bit and you’re ready to roll.

Ladies that lean toward sheer foundation are sure to love the product’s weightless feel, while those seeking fuller coverage can build on the foundation by dampening a makeup brush or the included beauty sponge with water and giving the powder a thicker and slightly heavier texture. And if you’re a stickler for traditional liquid foundation, no worries. Use the powder to set your makeup and nix any unwanted shine. 


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