No one can deny that lipstick is a very important part of our makeup routine. Red, orange, purple, nude, pink — we are loyal supporters of every lipstick shade out there. That being said, this commitment to all things lipstick comes with responsibility. To truly rock lippies the way the makeup gods intended we need to equip ourselves with the proper products: primer, lip balm and, our personal favorite, lip liner. Since our lipstick preferences span all the colors of the rainbow, finding the right lip liner to support every shade can get tricky. So, you can imagine our surprise and delight when our pals at Lancôme gifted us with the ultimate lip tool: invisible lip liner. The brand’s Le Lipstique in Clair is literally the answer to every girl’s prayers. Find out why!

Lancome Lip LIner

It Works With Every Lip Color

This little miracle worker goes on clear (yes, clear) so it will blend in perfectly with any lip color in your arsenal. Because of its versatility, this lip liner makes for a great everyday staple. Store it in your purse, car or desk for quick touch-ups and lipstick changes throughout the day.

It Doesn’t Budge

We like to see this liner as an invisible fence of sorts for your lips. The creamy, waterproof formula creates a barrier around your mouth, preventing your lip color from smudging, bleeding and feathering. Can you say, “no-brainer”?

It Doubles Up as a Primer

To give your lipstick some serious staying power and to lighten up on the re-application, fill in your lips with this clear liner prior to swiping on your fave lippie. In addition to keeping it from fading, the liner will help neutralize your lips and serve as a base coat so your lip color will really pop!

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