While scrolling through Instagram lately, you may have noticed a trend among celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Lily Collins, Penélope Cruz and some more of your fave females. They’re all posting similar photos, dressed in all white and sporting a sign that says, #WriteHerFuture with their bold, unique signature standing out below the hashtag. So what’s this all about, and how can we do it, too?

Lancôme, a brand beloved for its luxe makeup, skincare and fragrances, just partnered with the NGO CARE to organize the brand’s first ever global philanthropy mission. It’s the reason celebs are posting all over Instagram, and it’s called Write Her Future, a commitment to combat illiteracy among women. This cause is relatively unknown, but it’s hugely prominent — more than you probably imagined. “For the past 20 years, the share of illiterate women has not changed, and a staggering 76 million young women around the world are illiterate,” shares UNESCO.

To make a change by empowering women and helping women’s literacy, Lancôme pledges to invest at least two million Euros to fund international literacy programs and develop local support communities for the cause. Lancôme and CARE plan to work together for the next five years to offer initiviates that will help turn young women’s lives around.


Here’s how you can get involved…


To get involved, head to Write Her Future to take your photo, sign your name and join the campaign. As Lancôme eloquently drew up as a motto for the philanthropy, “write your name so she can write her future.”


You can also upload a photo and sign your name over the image if selfie-mode isn’t your thing. After you sign, share your photo on social media to encourage others to get involved.


Lancôme, in partnership with the NGO CARE, is supporting worldwide literacy programs to help young women living with illiteracy to turn their lives around. Like Anna Sarelly @annasarelly show your support. Write your name so she can write her future. Follow the link in bio. @careorg #Lancome #DeclaringHappiness #WriteHerFuture #CommittedTogether #HappierTogether

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