ajackson Jun 26, 2011
There's no way around it: I have unruly eyelashes. Some curl backward, stabbing me in the eye. I've tried everything to turn my wayward fringe into complacent Kim Kardashian lashes (one can dream, right?). Nothing worked until I did a few of the lash tips below, gathered from some of our fave doe-eyed beauty bloggers. Now I'm batting a thousand! "Start by looking down and brushing mascara on the tops of your top lashes. Then, look up and brush them up from the bottom. If you don't coat the part that shows when you're looking down, the only person who can see your mascara is you!" —Amber Katz, beautybloggingjunkie.com "To make lashes look thicker and more dramatic, lightly dust them with a bit of loose powder before applying mascara." —Nancy Houlmont, beauty411.net "Once you try a metal lash comb, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. The tool, a straight row of metal tines set in a plastic handle, combs clumps out of freshly applied wet mascara." —Karla Sugar, karlasugar.net "Any mascara that can give me the false lashes look becomes a staple in my makeup bag. Of course, I don't want clumps. I'll apply one coat, let it completely dry—that's the key!—and then apply a second one." —Shannon Nelson, agirlsgottaspa.com "When you don't have many lashes (like us), each one counts! Swipe two coats of mascara onto lashes by holding the wand horizontally, moving up and down the lashes. For the third coat, hold the wand vertically and wiggle it up and down to separate the lashes and make them look fuller." —Colette Stango and Jill Weiskopf, brooklyndolls.blogspot.com "Always start at the outer edge of each eye, and work inward. This will ensure a proper distribution of mascara and avoid scary spidery lashes in the center and inner corners." —Lily Nima Mohammady, beautymaverick.com "Wear a lighter shade of mascara on your lower lashes than you do on your upper lashes; think  black on top, brown on bottom. Instead of looking like you're wearing mascara, people will assume you won the genetic lash lottery!" —Daneen Baird, spoiledpretty.com


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