We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup pro Ashley Rebecca on how to blend lipstick like a pro!

When it comes to lip products, the possibilities are endless. From lipsticks, to liners, gloss and balms, there's something fabulous for everyone. Just like you layer clothes to show off different colors, patterns and textures, the same can be done with makeup -- especially lip color. So what's the best way to use multiple lip products that will keep you looking chic and sophisticated all season long? Here are my tips on how to layer lip products like a pro.

layer lip products
1. Know Your Finishes
Lipsticks and glosses come in all forms of finishes -- shiny, creamy and even matte -- which can change the way your lips look and how the product feels on the skin. If you're wanting to create a matte look, you can start by using a matte lip liner to create shape, then follow with a matte lipstick to fill in your pout. Want a bit more depth? Swipe on a small amount of matte lip stain of the same color family on top to add dimension, while maintaining your texture and finish.

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2. Blend, Blend, Blend
Blending is super important when it comes to layering lip products, because you want everything to appear seamless and natural. Even if you're wearing a bolder lip color, your entire lip will be ruined if you see the lips outlined with lip liner, or a thick, goopy gloss that's too heavy. Apply a hydrating balm to the lips first. (If you're going to be using lip liner, apply the liner and  and blend into the lips with your finger.) Make sure to pick a natural-colored balm or one that matches your lipstick color. This will create a nice, natural base for lipstick without looking overdone.

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3. Just a Dab Will Do
This tip mostly applies to wearing lip gloss. Glosses are great for adding shine, but it’s important not to go over board. If you're layering with a lip gloss, simply dab it onto the center of your top and bottom lips and blend the color outward with your finger. This way you have control of where the gloss goes, and the already perfectly-applied lipstick doesn't end up all over your lip gloss wand.

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