Angela Melero Sep 20, 2014

We can all agree that makeup is a lifesaver. It makes us feel great, it’s fun to play with and, let’s be honest, it’s addicting. However, in the name of being honest, let’s also admit that makeup is not always a timesaver. We’ve all had those “Oh, [email protected]#*!” moments where you’re immediately delayed due to smeared lipstick or a messed up cat eye. What’s a girl to do when she’s late for an important meeting or a hot date, all thanks to makeup? Well, you lie, of course! Don’t look at us like that — you know you’ve done it, too! If you’re still not recalling your last fib, take a look at these little makeup-induced white lies and see if they jog your memory.

lies we tell

1. “I got lost.” Thanks to the wonders of GPS and other navigation apps, this excuse isn’t exactly your best bet.

2. “I couldn’t find my keys.”

3. “I pulled over to help a stray dog."

4. “My mother called and I couldn’t get her off the phone.”

5. “My car battery died.”

6. “My car was rear-ended on the way here!”

7. “My car ran out of gas.” (Are you seeing a pattern? Fibs about car trouble are pretty airtight.)

8. “I thought we were meeting at 12 not 11! So, technically I’m totally on time!”

9. “Traffic was a nightmare.”

10. “I was dumped last night. This morning has been really hard.” (Turn on the water works to really take it home.)

What’s your go-to lie?
’Fess up in the comments below!

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