Did you get the March issue of Vogue? Flip to page 386 and you'll find an interview with the supermodel of all supermodels, Linda Evangelista, and one of our favorite makeup artists, James Kaliardos. (Linda is a L'Oréal spokesmodel and James is L'Oréal's international mua. More James trivia: He's also one of the founders of V Magazine.) Linda and James talk about, among other things, the new Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base. Linda, who says it's her favorite in the Studio Secrets line, calls it "Invisible Spackle." James suggests using it sparingly and dotting on only where needed. "It's for large pores around the nose," he explained to Vogue beauty director Sarah Brown. "It will smooth out rough edges around a pimple, fill in pockmarks, and smooth fine lines. It kind of fills in the under-eyebag, too." Linda suggests letting your moisturizer dry completely before applying. It's not everyday that Linda Evangelista tells you how to apply your product. (If you're a frugal fashionista, and who isn't these days, check the front of your Vogue issue for a $2-off coupon for the base.)


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