Nov 5, 2014

We survived Halloween, and now we’re starting to look forward to the next string of holidays! But before we go full-speed ahead with party planning, let’s take a moment to check out these fun links this week. From unexpected places to find beauty tools to the thoughts we have around No Shave November, we’ve got a good roundup for you. Enjoy!

links love

  • Have plenty of eye shadow? Then who needs anything else! (Well, we do, but this is still pretty cool.) (Byrdie)
  • Who knew a makeup artist’s best friend could be found in the same place as new toilets and kitchen sinks? (Yahoo! Beauty)
  • Have some lemon and honey on hand for your winter tea? Find out another amazing use for these two kitchen staples! (Barefoot Blonde)
  • Huge props to Helen Mirren and L’Oréal Paris for this: (

Where did you find your beauty inspo this week? Let us know in the comments section!



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