Nov 13, 2013 Looks

5 Lipstick Tips to Perfect Your Pout

lipstick tips
  1. All the lipstick shades in the world are primarily categorizes into seven notes of color. Find out what they are which ones are best suited for your skin tone. –xoVain
  2. There’s actually a surprisingly flattering way to wear green lipstick. Here’s how. –DailyMakeover
  3. Your long-lasting lipstick lasting just a little too long? There’s a simple trick that’s guaranteed to remove even the most stubborn stain.  –BeautyHigh
  4. Want to rock a glitter lip for the holidays? The trick to making the finished look sexy, not smeared, is all in the application.  –
  5. Want to try a burgundy lip for fall? The most flattering dark lipstick color for you may actually depend on your eye color. Here’s how to find your perfect match. –
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