I know that breaking a sweat isn’t just good for my thighs and hips, it’s also good for my complexion. After all, it boosts circulation and helps detox the skin. That said, some days my skin looks radiant post-workout; others it’s a blotchy, sweaty mess. With no time to shower before work, what’s a girl to do? Follow these tips from Aline Elasmar, a makeup artist for Tarte cosmetics, and you’ll go seamlessly from the locker room to the conference room. #1 First, remove sweat “Sweat will mix with liquid makeup, especially if your skin is still warm, and has a tendency to absorb powder makeup immediately, which will cause it to appear blotchy,” explains Elasmar. Wash your face with cold water to reduce redness and minimize pores or swipe skin with facial cleansing wipes. “Opt for those infused with aloe, chamomile or lavender, ingredients that will help calm post-workout redness,” adds Elasmar. #2 Balance the blotchiness “Apply moisturizers that have redness control or use a makeup primer that targets redness,” suggests Elasmar. Follow this with a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. #3 Dab and go Pat concealer only on areas you need to hide like under-eye circles and any blemishes. #4 Let your natural post-workout glow work for you “Skip the blush and sweep on a little bronzer to balance out the skin,” says Elasmar. #5 Next, curl lashes, and layer on a few coats of mascara Got an extra minute and want a more dramatic look? Line the inner rims of your eyes. #6 End by adding a hint of color to your lips “This will leave you polished, and ready to go after your workout,” says Elasmar. What's your post-workout makeup routine?


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