Matte lipstick straight out of a bullet is reliable and all, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes a lip stain is just the only option, namely, in situations when you need your lipstick to last through every single thing life throws at you. If you’re new to the world of these long-lasting formulas, we welcome you to Lip Stain 101, a quick class in which we profess our love for these budge-proof lippies and explain why you need one. First of all, they do the obvious — stain your lips. They’re different from long-lasting liquid lipsticks because they’re going to naturally fade and blur out throughout the day, whereas with your liquid lipstick, chances are you’ll have to reapply.

Ahead, click through for five long-lasting matte lip stains worth trying in 2019, including the new drugstore formula we’re obsessed with and the luxe lipstick to treat yourself to.

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