Jessica Hagy Jun 12, 2013
We’ve all been there. Standing in front of the mirror, our fingers in a scissor position, mentally drowned by a wave of uncertainty that shouts “should I cut my hair or not?!” Your experience may not have been as theatrical, but the truth is, sometimes the decision to go for a dramatic snip is daunting. Now, with sizzling summer rays quickly making their way into the picture, we’re even more consumed by the pursuit of an effortless hairstyle that won’t wilt, frizz, or overheat us this season. To weigh in on the endless debate of long vs. short summer hair, we enlisted two of our favorite style and beauty influencers­—long-locked blogger Peony Lim, and short-stranded Beauty Editor Cheryl Wischhover—to offer their perspectives on the virtues of their chosen length. long and short hair pros and cons The Debaters Long Hair Lover: Peony Lim When searching for our long-locked advocate, Peony Lim was one of the first to come to mind. We love following her blog full of heart-stopping fashion, travel, beauty and food—and quite honestly, we have a major hair crush on her. Short Hair Advocate: Cheryl Wischhover Some people just look impossibly stylish with short hair and Cheryl Wischhover is one of them. As the Beauty Editor for, we love keeping up with her smart beauty stories and the evolution of her chic blonde crop.   What do you love most about your hair length?  Lim: I have always loved long hair. I think I associate it with femininity; I'm not much of a girlie girl in person, so I think the hair balances it out. Wischhover: I love how edgy it feels and how it makes me stand out in a crowd just a little bit (the bleach blonde is a bit new too–I used to just do highlights but I've gone a little crazy with the blonde).   Walk us through your morning hair routine: Lim: After I wash my hair (usually every two or three days), I brush and spread some Moroccan Oil through it. If I can, I let it air dry, if I don't have enough time, I blast it with the hair dryer, then apply some L’Oréal Professionnel Mousse Strength 5 in the roots and ends. Then I use BaByliss Professional Tongs to create waves, which I pin curl to cool and then brush out. Wischhover: Products are an absolute must with short hair, especially in the summer. I actually think I use more products when my hair is short than when it's longer. If short hair frizzes, it looks horrible. I use a lot of Living Proof products—the Restore Mask Treatment is a must a few times a week because of the bleach, and I use the Living Proof Straight Spray half way through blow drying (with a paddle brush) to cut down on frizz and hold the style. I also use Aveda's Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener before I dry. Afterwards, depending how piecey I want it, I use Kérastase Elixir Ultime for shine, and Tigi Bedhead Stick to give it texture.   Do you style your hair differently for summer? Lim: I like to let it dry over night in a bun and then brush it out in the morning for a more beach wave look in the summer. Wischhover: Not really. If it gets really hot and my bangs are annoying me I'll stick a little bobby pin in them to get them off my forehead. I really like to wear a piecey side part for everyday. If I'm going out I'll pouf it out on top sometimes.   Summer hair challenges—how do you address them? Lim: Sometimes it can be hot to have long dark hair but I wouldn't have it any other way! My hair is naturally dead straight so I'm lucky I don't have humidity problems. Wischhover: It would be nice to be able to just throw it up into a ponytail sometimes. If I need to run out of the house but I just rolled out of bed and it's sticking up in a zillion directions, I don't have a lot of options other than completely styling it or putting a baseball hat on. Also, I have sunburned the top of my ears more times than I can count because I always forget to put sunscreen there.   Does your hair affect your makeup or fashion choices? Lim: Everything has to be balanced, so some outfits need an up-do if you have long hair. Equally, makeup and hair need equilibrium. Wischhover: I definitely have to make sure I do a thorough job with the concealer, because you can see every inch of your face—no hair to hide behind! I also always apply blush—may as well play up the cheekbones while they're out for everyone to see. But I think the biggest change I make when I go really short is to wear big dangly earrings (bonus points if they have stupidly huge fake gems in them). It's like overcompensating because I can't have beachy waves or something. What’s your verdict on the best summer style for you? Sound off in the comments! Photos: Kit Lee for Peony Lim; Ashley Jahncke


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