2019 is here, which means it’s time for change in a bunch of different ways. Maybe you made the resolution to get up as soon as your alarm goes off or plan out your outfit before you go to bed. If that’s not enough, maybe you’re planning something bigger and bolder — like a major hair change. Today L’Oréal Paris announced the 2019 Hair Color of the Year. After an analysis of color hair trends and inspiration from the biggest runways, city streets, social media and travel, it’s decided that silver hair is the hair color of the year.

Orrea Light, Global Marketing Product Development and Beauty Innovation explains, “Not only has silver hair been a top color trend on the runways and it is the ‘it’ color for women of all ages, we love what the color stands for — it symbolizes charisma, ethereal energy, power, focus and it is beyond chic. As the world’s #1 selling hair color brand, we are thrilled to now bring this color trend to people everywhere in an accessible way.”

To get the look at home, three products we recommend are: L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in Soft Silver Blonde and Colorista Hair Makeup 1-Day Color in Silver Blue. Whether you choose a permanent option or a one-day look, you’ll be right on trend.

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#ad ❄️meet the new iced out me😏❄️ So excited to have gone #silvergrey with the new Colorista permanent #hair dye @lorealhair 🥶✨ . Literally dyed my #greyhair yesterday and shot the campaign in Paris with 3 other girls who all did their #haircolor differently😍 because #yourgreyyourway . I even did a how to video (coming soon) because it’s super easy to do at home yourself or with a friend and it’s only ❗️£6.99 - and you can save £1 @bootsuk 🙌 I’ll link it in my insta stories if you wanna go #grey with me😏 Let me know when you try it and send me pics I can’t wait to see the results! I’m so excited it has such beautiful tones even some blues in some lights so super excited literally feel like storm from x-men😝 . #lorealparispartner #ad #hairtransformation #hairgoals #iskra #silverhair

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