We could always use a little extra cash (especially after the holidays) and sometimes that means that our beauty budget has to take a hard hit. While it’s not always our favorite thing to cut back on, we can’t exactly go on a makeup spending spree every single week (we know, we know: Here come the water works!) But, cutting back doesn’t have to mean you have to suffer and go makeup-free forever. We would never let that happen! Instead, we’ve come up with some EASY ways to stretch your beauty dollars.

beauty budget

1. Shop drugstore brands too. Seriously … there’s a plethora of good beauty finds in these aisles!

2. Wash your hair less. Dry shampoo is the new black eyeliner — so if you haven’t started using it yet, get to it. Try using Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodified Dry Shampoo for instantly fresh roots and va-va-volume!

3. Mixing makeup to achieve new shades. Before shopping for a new lipstick look or buying an expensive shadow palette, layer on a few shades you already have to create your very own unique tones.

4. Go green to save some green. Many beauty brands offer programs where trading in empty compacts and containers of their product entitles you to a FREE beauty gift. Kiehl’s offers a travel collection product for every 10 empty bottles you bring back to them. You can’t get any better than free, ladies…

5. Fix your broken compact powder. Dropped your favorite bronzer compact or shadow single? Don’t toss it — fix it! Just use a dropper to add a little rubbing alcohol to your shattered makeup, mix it up and once it’s dry, it’s like nothing ever happened! Michelle Phan has a video tutorial to show you how.

6. Seal your manicure for longer wear. Yes, we love getting mani/pedis, but sometimes a girl has got to save! Ensure your at-home nail job goes the distance by brushing the edge (front of your nail) horizontally with polish last and using a shine refresher every few days like essie Second Shine Around

7. Kitchen beauty finds that do the trick. Using a spoon to contour your cheekbones or curl your lashes can cut your beauty gadget costs. Dishwashing soap is perfect for cleaning makeup brushes and ice works wonders on reducing puffy eyes after a long night out!

8. Double-duty beauty products. Multi-tasking makeup is a simple way to save some dough since your lip stain can double as a blusher and your brown eyeliner can also act as a brow pencil! 

9. Skip a few coloring appointments. Who says you have to go to the hair salon every four to six weeks for fresh highlights or color? Brighten your shade with a glaze instead like Matrix Gloss Sync for major shine that will save your tresses (and wallet) some stress. 

10. Save those samples! All of those samples you picked up from beauty rewards points and monthly memberships can end up saving you some serious cash. There’s months (possibly years) worth of makeup and skincare in that goldmine stockpile — just give them a try!

What are some of your beauty budget-stretching tips? Let us know in the comments below! 


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