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As we age there are a few hard truths we need to accept. Our favorite black mini doesn't look as good as it did in our 20s. We can't stay up until 3 am and then rise the next morning resilient and ready to tackle the day without caffeine. And we absolutely can not keep up with the slang of younger generations. What we can still do is keep our makeup looking flawless even when the rest of our life changes through the decades. Young or old, these tried and true makeup application tricks will help you maintain a perfect face at every age. You can call these tips the Fountain of (Flawless Face) Youth. makeup application tricks

Moisturize first.

Nothing maintains a youthful glow quite like nourished skin. Before applying any makeup enlist your favorite moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm. This, along with primer, will set the base for your makeup and help foundations and other creamy products look natural on your skin.

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Stick with liquid concealers.

The older we get the more fine lines develop. Those nooks are the perfect hiding place for caked up makeup. When preparing your eyes for the addition of color, try using a click pen liquid eye concealer. Avoiding a wax based concealer will halt products from creeping and leave you with silky smooth coverage.

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Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat, Lancôme Maquicomplet Complete Coverage Concealer, Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen  

Skimp on face powder.

After applying foundation you should always lock in the product with a powder. Makeup artist Megan Lanoux shares, "This will make it easier to apply other powder products such as blush and/or bronzer. Powder blends with powder more easily…sometimes if you apply blush directly over a liquid foundation, too much of the pigment will show up." If you're in your 20s or early 30s she suggests keeping pressed powder on the cheeks to a minimum. This will keep them looking dewy and natural all through the day.  

Think up.

If gravity begins pulling our skin (and rest of our body for that matter) down, the last thing we want is to aid its task of taking over our beauty routine. Gain control of your face and overall look when you think upward. Lanoux recommends starting with your cheeks, then moving to your eyes. "Blush should start at the apples of the cheeks and lift at an upward angle towards the hair line. Eyeshadow should never droop downwards." After applying eyeshadow, run your finger from the outer corner of your eye up to your brow to clean excess product that has dropped below the eye.  

Curl your lashes.

Mascara is a makeup must for many of us. Light lashes. sleepy eyes. Mascara combats it all. But the true savior behind our glamorous, bright eyes is our eyelash curler. Curled lashes open up the eyes leaving you with beautiful baby blues (or greens or browns). An eyelash curler also becomes more necessary as we age. Your lashes begin to straighten over the years, leaving eyes closed off and lackluster. Make a quick curl part of your routine early on and you won't be sorry when you reach 50.  

Do you have makeup application concerns that are specific to your age? Share below and we will try and ease your mind!


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