Ashley Rebecca Oct 15, 2013
From makeup casualties to hair mishaps, makeup artists constantly have to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen on set. Having the right tools to fix any situation is key! Here are 5 of my makeup artist "secret weapons" that work wonders in a professional setting—or your own makeup routine. 

makeup artist must have products

1. Maybelline Baby Lips:
A great lip balm that softens and conditions the lips, which is key for flawless lipstick application. It also comes in so many great colors, that it can even be used as a lipstick! MDC Tip: Need to do your nails in a jiffy? You (or your manicurist) may want to borrow this makeup-artist fave as well!  

2. Collyre Bleu Eye Drops:
A staple in every makeup artist’s kit, these blue drops cut red and yellow, turning whites of the eyes nice and bright! They’re the perfect tool for a model (or anyone for that matter) that has bloodshot and tired eyes.

Pro tip:
Make sure to remove contacts before applying!  

3. Garnier Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes:
Sometimes on set models have to go through several makeup changes. Garnier wipes remove makeup easily and don't irritate the skin. I also use them every night myself to remove makeup and waterproof mascara! Make sure to keep them by your bedside if you tend to be lazy with makeup removal from time to time.  

4. Beauty Blender Sponge:
If you keep up with my articles, you know that I'm obsessed with beauty blender sponges! They’re the prefect tool to blend anything on the face from foundation to cream blush to eyeshadows.

Pro tip:
For the best application, wet the sponge, squeeze excess water out and use your Beauty Blender while it’s damp. Many people don’t know this tidbit, but the sponge expands to almost twice its size when wet!  

5. Coconut oil:
This naturally derived oil has over 30+ uses! It is an incredible makeup remover, moisturizer, brow slick, and helps tame hair flyaways. Since it's 100% natural, it's a great tool for people with sensitive skin.

What are products do you consider your "secret weapons?"
Let me know in the comments below!

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About the Author:Ashley is a New York City-based makeup artist with a robust list of editorial and celebrity clients.

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