There comes a time in your life where you know your beauty routine so well, you can do it with your eyes closed. A few swipes of your go-to mascara and a quick dab of lip balm, and you're out the door. The only problem with this situation is you run the risk of sliding into autopilot, forgetting to take an inventory of your makeup kit and product expiration dates in the process. 

Has it been over six months since you last replaced your tube of mascara? If so, it may be time for a makeup bag makeover. Here we tell you what to keep and what to toss.

Makeup Overhaul

#1. You’ve changed your hair color 

Ready to go platinum? We’ll be the ones with you at the hair salon whispering, “Do it!” But when you change your hair color, your whole look changes—including your makeup routine. Even if you’re just dipping your toe into the world of highlights, you’ll need to update your set of essentials to complement your new shade. We’re all about that new ’do, new you life.


#2. Your makeup has expired

It’s a cardinal rule of makeup that most of us ignore; you shouldn’t be using the same mascara for more than three months! Chances are, quite a few of your products have actually expired— which means it’s time for them to hit the trash and for you to hit your nearest beauty supply store.


#3. The seasons have changed

As we’ve all personally witnessed, different seasons have different effects on our skin. Say hello to flakes in the winter, and an oily T-zone in the summer. Ugh. Not to mention, your hot pink lippies get put into storage with your flip flops and bathing suits, and your vamp lips come out to play. To keep up with both seasonal trends and the effects of Mother Nature herself, a makeup and skin care overhaul is a must.

#4. Your favorite product is discontinued

We hate to even bring this up, but it happens. Before you turn to eBay to scrounge for spare tubes of that too-good-to-be-true lipstick, consider this the perfect opportunity for a whole new “you” shade. If ever there was a reason to treat yourself, this would be it!


#5. Your skin type has changed

As the years change, so will your skin’s needs. And along with the weather changes and seasonal trends mentioned above, it’s not just your skincare routine that needs updating, but also the texture of your beauty products. From foundation to highlighter and even eye shadow—the finish of your makeup product dictates the outcomes of your application. If your skin is on the dry side, swap out your powdered products for lightweight coverage, cheek stains, and even liquid bronzer, while oily skin will benefit from beauty products with mattifying properties.



What has motivated you to overhaul your makeup bag? Tell us in the comments below!

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