Want a flattering and glamorous selfie without taking dozens of test shots? One way to ensure a spot-on photo (that'll get lots of likes!) is to know your five selfie makeup do's and don'ts:

Selfie Makeup

1. Do Use a Skin-Perfecting Foundation

Camera phones love to pick up skin imperfections, so use a foundation formula that'll smooth out the surface. Try Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation.

2. Don't Overdo Your Contour

You don't want to look like an '80s mannequin, so go light on the shading.

3. Do Opt for a Bold Lip Gloss

It's safest to bet on a brightening lip gloss rather than lipstick. Lip glosses add light and youth to your face.

4. Don't Over-Highlight

If you don't want a bunch of shiny streaks, be conservative with your highlighter, and always blend well.

5. Do Use an Eye Brightener

Apply an eye brightener to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Your eyes will pop and look bigger! Try Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer.

What's your favorite makeup trick for a selfie? Tell us in our comments!

Photo: ShutterStock


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