We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca on how to properly prep for a holiday party.

Makeup for Holiday Parties

From endless parties to social gatherings, the holiday season is one of the most best times to play with makeup. You can try bolder lipstick colors, smokier eye shadow looks, not mention you get plenty of practice in when it comes to false lashes. Here are some simple tips on how to prep your makeup game for any holiday party, and have everyone taking notes on your style.

Tip # 1: Nourish your Skin: The best way to prep your skin for makeup is to always make sure you're treating it with the greatest care. Hydrating, exfoliating, masking — all of these things are essential to make sure you look fresh for any function you might have. Thoroughly removing your makeup every night before bed is key in saving your skin from pesky breakouts as well. If you've sipped on a bit too much “holiday cheer” and can’t commit to a late-night face wash, keep makeup wipes by your bed to give your face a give wipe down before you hit the hay. A little action is better than nothing at all!

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Tip #2. Switch Things Up: If you have a few holiday gatherings on your calendar, try switching up your makeup looks so that you get some variety in. For instance, wear a super bold lip to your party on Friday night, and then, for Saturday, try a little glitter on the eyelids and false eyelashes for a little beauty boost. That way, you don't feel like you're wearing the same thing to every party (and looking the same in every Instagram pic!).

Tip #3: Always Be Prepared: Carrying a small bag with makeup essentials in your purse is ideal for transitioning from daytime makeup to party makeup in no time. For example, co-workers could spring a holiday happy hour on you on a Friday afternoon, and you will need to be prepared. Keep basics like red lipstick, eyeliner and mascara so you change your look at a moment’s notice.

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