Jan 22, 2015

We've all been there. Finally, you've made it to that eagerly awaited date with Mr. Hottie or the big-deal party you want to make an impression at, and the last thing you want is a makeup 911. Here are 10 makeup-setting tricks to get your face sealed to perfection with all-night protection. With these tips, you'll have nothing to worry about except having a great time.

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Primer Protection

Use a face primer to anchor your makeup in place. Primer acts as a base sealant to help your skin hold onto everything applied. Using one will be the first step in keeping your makeup motion-free.

Weather-Proof Eyeliner

Use waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliner so you won't have to worry about panda eyes. Make sure you get a liner that has both features so your makeup doesn't move if it rains, you shed a tear (it happens!) or rub your eyes by mistake.

Weather-Proof Mascara

The rule above also applies for mascara: Make sure to use a smudge-proof and waterproof formula. Eye and lip makeup tend to endure the most stress because we move those parts of our face so often, especially on a date. Make sure your makeup in these areas is mega-strong.

Eye Shadow Guard

If you're using eye shadow, finish by dusting on a light layer of translucent facial powder with a medium-angled brush to set your eye makeup. This will create a humidity and precipitation barrier. Try Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil Translucent Loose Powder in Translucent.

Blush Setting

Use a cream blush first, then follow with a powder blush. Using the same principle as the primer, a cream blush will help set your blush color into place, making it last all night long.

Lip Lock

Apply a lip primer before layering on a long-wearing lipstick that's not too matte. A more moisturizing formula will help your color from chapping and moving.

Lip-Lined Perfection

If you're going with a darker lip color, use a concealer pencil to draw right outside your lip line, creating a "lip-lock line" to prevent color bleed.

Say No to Shine

When we're out all night, oil can build up underneath our makeup and break through. Have a pack of oil-blotting tissues ready in your purse so you can do a quick dab to maintain your gorgeous face.

The Unbreakable Brow

Crooked brows are no fun! Use a brow mascara or wax to hold your arches in place all night.

Spray and Set

Once your fabulous makeup is applied, fix it with a finishing spray, which will help your makeup last for hours and hours. Try Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

What's your favorite all-night makeup trick? Tell us in our comments!

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