Quiz: How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

September 03, 2019
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Quiz: How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

There’s nothing quite like the euphoria of getting a perfect haircut. It seems like all the stars seem to align, along with your hair length. You wish this moment could last forever, yet in a month or two your strands seem to divert to their wayward ways: unworkable with split ends and general lifelessness. The key to avoiding this outcome is regularly trimming these locks. However, not all manes are the same and each head of hair requires a different maintenance routine. We want to make sure your hair is getting the proper attention and scissor action it deserves, so we came up with a quick and easy MDC quiz to help you gauge how often you should trim those locks!



1. What is your hair length?

a) Short. It sits somewhere above my chin.

b) Medium. I keep it somewhere between my collarbone and shoulder blades.

c) Long. It hangs mid-back or longer!

2) What layered (or unlayered) look are you rocking right now?

a) A pixie cut

b) A bob or long bob

c) Beach waves with long layers

3) How often do you dye your hair?

a) Every month

b) I do subtle color like ombre or highlights and touch up every 6 weeks or so.

c) Hair dye? I’ve never touched the stuff.

4) What state is your hair in currently?

a) Fragile: It’s damaged and tends to break easily.

b) Dry: It’s not in the red zone, but it definitely gets brittle and dry.

c) Healthy: Not to brag, but I’ve got some serious shine going on.

5) How long do you spend on your hair every morning?

a) As long as it takes to get it right

b) 10-15 minutes

c) 5 minutes, tops

Mostly As: Every 4 weeks. You’re either dealing with a super-short trendy ’do, constantly colored locks or troubled hair that calls for some serious TLC on a regular basis (or all of the above!). Either way, you should cultivate a relationship with a great hairstylist, because you will — and should — be seeing them often. To protect your locks in between cuts, invest in a hair mask that will replenish and prevent breakage (we recommend Kérastase Paris Resistance Masque Force Architecte).

Mostly Bs: Every 5-6 Weeks. Your hair isn’t naturally fragile or brittle, but your love for hair color and curling irons can take their toll. Keep your hair looking fabulous by trimming those tips every month and a half or so. This will help keep those split ends at bay and keep you well out of harms way! Also, do your part at home by using a heat protectant like Pureology Anti Split Blow Dry before taking a blow dryer or iron to it.

Mostly Cs: Every 8 weeks. Your hair is in great shape, girl! Split ends and dryness are not a concern for you, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect those locks. Keep a standing meeting with your hairstylist every two months to refresh your lovely mane. Also, work a nourishing leave-in treatment like Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine into your haircare routine to keep the healthy train moving!

How often do you trim your hair? Tell us your maintenance plan in the comments below.  Photo: thinkstock

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