Attention Mascara Lovers: This is the Conditioning Lash Serum You Never Knew You Needed

May 03, 2019
Alanna Martine Kilkeary
By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
Attention Mascara Lovers: This is the Conditioning Lash Serum You Never Knew You Needed

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your lashes. (Me!)

If this statement doesn’t make you bat an eyelash, consider yourself lucky, otherwise, know you’re not alone. It’s true, not everyone is blessed with long, lush voluminous lashes to begin with, and in between constant makeup application, removal and environmental factors, the ones we do have can fall out like crazy. This is where a conditioning lash serum comes in to play. We spoke to Rocio Rivera, Ph.D., and Vice President of L’Oréal Paris Scientific Communications all about how the brand’s new Lash Serum Solution can help. Ahead, get all the details about the lash product you never knew you needed.     

What Is a Conditioning Lash Serum?

According to Rivera, a conditioning lash serum makes lashes stronger. “The reason why we created this formula is because we know that women do see that lashes fall or get thinner with age, or when we use makeup or remove makeup,” she says. This, however, does not mean that conditioning serums are meant to replace lost lashes. Rather, with ingredients like glycerin and citric acid, they work to help your natural lashes stay put and stay strong. “We like to call it TLC for your lashes,” she adds.


Who Might Need a Conditioning Lash Serum?

As far as who might want to use a conditioning lash serum as opposed to, say, a growth one, Rivera says: “This product is really for women who like to use mascara and also for women who use lash extensions. It’s for women who really like their lashes but get frustrated that products and extensions can also harm them.”. This means that if you’re happy with your lashes but unhappy with how products or procedures leave them, the Lash Serum Solution is for you.Think of it like any other hair conditioner — you use it to strengthen and repair what’s there.

How to Incorporate a Conditioning Lash Serum Into Your Routine

For maximum benefits, Rivera suggests using the Lash Serum Solution two times a day for at least four weeks to really see results. Better yet, you can apply products, like liner, over top without issue. “It’s ophthalmologist tested, it’s suitable for contact lenses and even safe for sensitive eyes,” she says. But does it work? In clinical trials, seven out of ten women actually saw less lash loss during makeup removal! “This one of those formulas that you don’t know that you need it until you start using it.”

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