The TikTok Beauty Mode Challenge Is Inspiring Us to Get Glam

June 01, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | by L'Oréal
tik tok beauty mode

These days, our hair is pretty much permanently in a bun, our work week clothes have been traded in for a never-ending rotation of tie-dye sweat suits and our makeup skills have not used in, well, we don’t even know how long. Thankfully, the trendsetters on TikTok knew we needed a little glam in our lives and came up with the beauty mode challenge. What’s beauty mode, you ask? It’s an imaginary button that, once “pressed”, takes your look from just-rolled-out-of-bed to glamazon in a matter of seconds. While we definitely want to try out this TikTok trend for ourselves, we’re first taking notes from some other TikTok-ers that have tried it out. Peep our fave transformations ahead. 

A Little Masking TLC 

We love a good face masking session just as much as Jessica Alba. Need proof? Check out how she goes from a self-care queen with wet hair to having a perfect blowout, pink lip and low-key smoky eye with just the press of the beauty mode filter. 

From Bedhead to Beautiful Curls 

Andrea Espada, woke up with her hair in a messy bun and a robe on — #relatable. And even though she didn’t roll out of bed looking glam as can be, her beauty mode transformation brought all the drama. Her hair is curled flawlessly and her makeup is perfect for summer. 

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

We need breakfast (and coffee) before doing just about anything in the morning. And it seems like Denise Rodri feels the same way. After taking a few bites of brekkie, she taps the cam and BAM — fabulous. That dress! Those shoes! The hair! 

Blowout SZN

Getting dressed and done-up for the day can seriously boost your mood. Dress for success, amiright?! If you need some inspiration, watch this video by Julia Wieniawa. Her hair looks smoothed to perfection and her natural makeup is gorgeous. If only getting that glam actually only took five seconds. 

Getting Her Glam On

Whether you didn’t get to wear your graduation dress IRL or simply want to show off your stockpile of cute summer outfits for your followers, take a cue from Sarah Harrison and get all glammed up for TikTok. Her beauty mode resulted in some super bouncy curls and sparkly dress that we’re obsessed with.