These TikTok Videos Have Great Contour Tricks and Are Honestly Hilarious

June 16, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | by L'Oréal

We've watched our fair share of contouring how-to videos on YouTube, and we’ve spent hours learning how to properly sculpt our forehead, cheeks and nose on IGTV. And while we’ll forever and always look to Instagram and YouTube for beauty tutorials, TikTok has honestly taught us a thing or two about our contouring technique with one of its latest viral trends. Aptly named the “shapeshifting challenge,” TikTok-ers show how a little contouring can transform a face, emphasize your features and make everything look more defined and chiseled. Although they are not a formal tutorials, these beauty videos actually have some pretty good makeup application tips — and are seriously hilarious. Here are our faves. 

Bring Out the Highlighter 

Whether you’re new to the contouring scene or have been sculpting your face since before TikTok was even a thing, you can stand to learn something from this clip. Her nose contouring technique deserves an A+ because she defines the bridge using a darker shade, makes sure the areas to the side of her nose are bright as can be (shoutout Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer) and blends everything out seamlessly. While her contouring is great as is, she amps things up by adding a bit of highlighter to the tip of her nose to complete the look. 

Acting 101

So her contouring technique may not take up best practices (she’s a little too heavy handed around the nose), but her acting? Well, now that deserves an award. Watch until the end and you’ll see that she has the whole shapeshifting into a Pterodactyl thing down pat. IMO, she could benefit from a bit of blending though… 

Check Your Light 

The cardinal rule of contouring is checking your light — and this video proves it. Dark lines, harsh shadow and poor blending are enough to ruin an otherwise great look. Before packing up your makeup brushes and beauty sponge, make sure your contour is blended to perfection. Hey, even pull out the flashlight if you need to. 

Eyes First, Ladies 

We need to recreate this smoky, pink eye STAT — it’s gorgeous and perfect for summer. Aside from the stunning eye makeup, it’s important to note that TK handle completed her eye makeup before starting her complexion. This way, she didn’t have to worry about getting eyeshadow on her otherwise flawless base. 

Less Is More

One thing this video showed us? You can still contour even if you’re going for a more natural, lighter-coverage look. TK handle uses a bit of concealer to touch up her complexion and even out her skin tone before grabbing her contouring brush — no foundation necessary. Just remember to blend, blend, blend!