Jul 22, 2010
When I was an editor, I once received a pitch from a brand touting a "spirtually-enhanced" skincare line (and yes, that's actually the term they used) that supposedly included holy water in the products. I never covered the line, mainly because I didn't see why religion and beauty should be intertwined. To use something as sacred to people as religion as a marketing gimmick seemed rather inappropriate. But recently, I read about a new makeup brand that incorporates religion for a legitimate reason. The Daily Mail reports that Samina Pure Makeup, a new makeup line in the U.K. (shown above), is geared toward Muslin women. Imported from Australia, all of the products are designed in accordance with Islamic law and are certified by the Independent Halal Certification Authority of Australia, which means they contain no alcohol or animal products. The founder of the line, Samina Akhter, told the paper, "Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith." Akhter began selling the line in the U.K. six months ago and now has 500 customers, and says she's received interest from parties in the U.S. to sell the products here. She told the paper, "We've had women say, 'Thank you, now I can use products and pray without having to take the makeup off.'" Quite an interesting concept—I wonder if it will eventually land stateside. For more information on the line, visit PHOTO FROM THE DAILY MAIL


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