Marisa Petrarca Sep 13, 2017

This is Us actress Mandy Moore is our idol for many reasons: She never fails to amaze us with her stunning beauty looks, and she has countless memorable career highlights and charming beginnings (who can forget “Candy?”). So it makes perfect sense that she was selected to be the new spokeswoman for Garnier hair and skin care.

The actress will be the face of the brand’s haircare and styling products as well as its skincare division, which hopefully means we’ll soon learn exactly how to become Mandy Moore.

“Garnier encourages women to be their best – whatever that means for you. For me, it’s always been important that no matter how I change my look, I want the real me to shine through,” says our friend Mandy in a statement about her new relationship with Garnier.

“I  love to change my hair because, in a world where so much is out of my control, it makes me feel like I’m doing something to shake things up,” she says. “But it’s deeper than blonde or brunette. It’s about figuring out how to make my outsides reflect my insides, and that takes a little soul searching. I’m thrilled, even a little nervous, to go down that exciting if imperfect, path together with Garnier.”

Stay tuned – Moore’s first campaign will officially debut on Friday.


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