Good news everyone: we finally found a use for all of that cooking clutter that’s been collecting dust in our kitchen! Well maybe not all of it, but we are finally opening up that roll of Saran Wrap in the name of a great manicure. Marble nails can be yours with just a few simple steps and minimal supplies. marble nail art tutorial Supplies Directions
  1. Paint your base color. Allow to dry completely. We’ve found that using the lighter of the two colors for the base color works best.
  2. Tear up small pieces of plastic wrap and bunch them into balls. You will need one ball for each nail.
  3. Paint your second color. While the second layer is still wet, dab the nail with a ball of plastic wrap to grab color underneath and create a marbled effect. Work quickly, if the polish gets too tacky it could lift up the base color.
  4. Finish with top coat. Dry and done!
What manicure are you starting your week with? Tell us below!

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