Christiana Molina Aug 6, 2012
She's never designed her own beauty line per se, but Martha Stewart has always inspired her fans to live a beautiful life. We met the magazine publisher, television personality and merchandiser who has turned the art of homemaking into a business empire at the BlogHer '12 Conference, where she chatted with us about what she keeps in her makeup bag, storage and organization tips, and how anger—of all things—can sometimes make you more attractive. Millions look to you for inspiration on how to live beautifully. Who do you look to for your own beauty inspiration? It’s not so much who I look to as the products that I use. I care a lot about the fine developments in new technology for skin, makeup and the body. I like to do a lot of research, and I’m always experimenting. What products are you currently experimenting with? Serums. I’m using them all over my body. It gets very expensive. Are there any in particular that you are using right now? I like SkinCeuticals. They make a very good serum. There’s also a company in Iceland that’s making a very good serum. All I have are tiny little vials. Tell me a little about your daily beauty regimen. I drink green juice in the morning—a big glass of homemade green juice—and I consume it immediately so all the vitamins are still there. All the greens that go into it are homegrown from winter and summer. It's all from the garden. Plus there is ginger, orange peel, grapefruit peel and maybe a piece of good fruit. That makes a huge difference in energy and in clarity of skin. Then I take a shower every single morning and I wash myself with an alpha-hydroxy soap from Mario Badescu. I also use Frédéric Fekkai shampoos, glosses and everything, which I love. You started out as a model back in the day. What’s the craziest beauty look you’ve worn? Well, the craziest beauty looks are my Halloween looks for Martha Stewart Living. And they’re gorgeous. That’s the kind of makeup I love. You’re one of the most powerful women in America. Do you think there’s a relationship between beauty and power? I think power can make you more beautiful. And there’s a horrible other thing that also makes you very beautiful: getting mad sometimes makes you more beautiful. Watch the eyes of actresses in movies! I think a man can just be an ordinary looking man. But if he’s a powerful man, sometimes he’s much more handsome than he really is. You sometimes feel that electricity in a room. And that kind of electricity and potent personality make people more appealing. Organization is a huge part of your brand. How do you organize your beauty cabinet? I don’t have a cabinet. I have an old galvanized metal shelf in my bathroom. And on it, starting at the top, are the small things that are mostly for the face. And the next shelf is mostly for the body. And the next shelf is for the eyes. And then the bottom shelf is for feet and things like that. Do you have any other favorite tips for organizing beauty products? It’s very important to keep [products] refrigerated if you’re not using them up right away. And never expose them to sunlight. I keep a shade down [to protect my products]. And I never let my makeup stay in the car if the car’s going to be turned off. My makeup and my treatments come with me, even if I’m traveling. Speaking to that, what makeup do you have in your purse right now? This is my makeup bag. It’s by Bottega Veneta, of course. I have a little brush that’s Mason Pearson and my beautiful Laura Mercier face brush. A Buxom lip gloss. I love this lip gloss. This baby pink lip gloss is great. A Bobbi Brown face powder. This T. LeClerc Liquid Eyeliner in Brun Moire. They don’t make it anymore and I’m down to my last tube. It’s the best eyeliner in the whole world. This is the Iceland serum: BioEffect EGF Serum. And this is fabulous—it’s the Clé de Peau concealer. Just a dot is all you need and it doesn’t settle into fine lines. So that’s my basic makeup. You’ve been on TV for years and years. What’s the #1 beauty tip that you’ve learned from television? Smile. So both get angry and smile? Yes!

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