Angela Melero Dec 23, 2014

We don’t know about you, but we like to think that eyeliner is the glue that holds our beauty routine together. No matter what state our face is in, this small-but-mighty product manages to perk up our mugs in no time (well, sometimes longer if you’re attempting a cat eye). Now, we understand that there are still those out there who have not embraced eyeliner and all its possibilities, and we wanted to make yet another attempt to change your unbelieving minds. Check out our reasoning behind making eyeliner your new BFF.


  1. Sometimes a morning cup of coffee just isn’t enough to hide your all-nighter.
  2. Your basic makeup routine of BB cream and lip gloss just isn’t cutting it anymore, especially since you got a new co-worker who bares a shocking resemblance to Ryan Reynolds.
  3. You know you’re in trouble when your little sister’s makeup game is stronger than yours. Step it up, girl.
  4. Life with a cat eye is just better. Period.
  5. You’re tired of being described as “simple” and “basic.” Enough is enough.
  6. You found out you and your grandmother have the same beauty routine (and go-to products). Enough said.
  7. Two words: glitter eyeliner.
  8. You want your style edginess to extend past the red lipstick you wear on special occasions.
  9. There are so many eyeliner hacks now, your excuse of lacking hand/eye coordination just doesn’t hold up the way it used to.
  10. Eyeliner is a woman’s right of passage.

 What are your reasons for loving eyeliner? Express your feelings in the comments below!

Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Model: Laura Reed



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