Jan 22, 2015

Matching your makeup to your skin is tricky business. Go too light and your face will look washed-out; too dark, and you create an embarrassing line along your jaw that just isn't cute. But finding the right match can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Could our habit of testing foundation on our neck be to blame?

matching makeup to skin

Don't Go for the Jugular

To get a shade that blends in better with the skin on your face, test it on your chest, rather than your neck. Why? Your neck is naturally a bit lighter, because it doesn’t get as much sun, so if you match that skin, you might pick a shade that’s a bit too light. Plus, when you look in the mirror, your face and chest are more visible. Since your neck is stuck in shadow, you won’t get an accurate reading.

When testing makeup, try three swatches side by side, and blend them in to see which one disappears. We love a product like L’Oréal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup, which is made to match your skin tone.

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