Glossy, matte, stripes or French–sometimes there are just too many manicure choices to be able to decide on just one. With a little tape and a matte top coat you don’t have to. This look is deceptively easy to do, but is guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations!
 matte and shiny french manicure tutorial Supplies Directions
  1. Paint a base color. Allow lacquer to dry completely.
  2. Place your tape wherever you want to keep your nail polish glossy.
  3. Apply the matte top coat.
  4. While the polish is still wet, remove the tape.
  5. Allow the matte top coat to dry and you’re done!
You can either rock a matte nail with a glossy tip or glossy nail with a matte tip.

Which matte + glossy combo is your favorite?
Let us know with a comment below.

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