What does it take to take a selfie like a model?

If this is the question in the back of your mind every time you click on a new New York Fashion Week Instagram story, you’re not alone. Truth be told, taking a selfie like a model has much less to do with how naturally symmetrical your face is, and a whole lot more to do with the correct lighting and angles. We asked models at NYFW to give us their best backstage selfie – and here’s what we got!











Our step-by-step guide to take a selfie like a model:

1. Find the best lighting – natural light is KEY!

2. When taking your selfie, use the side button on your iPhone instead of the touch-screen click. This will allow you to have a better grip on your phone.

3. Angle the camera up toward your face  – this will slender out your face and neck without looking unnatural.

4. Click away! Take a dozen (or more!) selfies and choose your favorite.

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