We love hearing from our panel of beauty pros about the latest and greatest beauty tricks. Today, we're lucky enough to hear from New York-based makeup artist Ashley Rebecca, who fills us in on the most common makeup mistakes she sees. Take it away Ashley!

Common Makeup Mistakes
Makeup artists have a keen eye for color and technique, which is why they are constantly able to transform anyone's face into a masterpiece, no matter what the circumstance. However, for those who are not trained on these skills, sometimes it takes a lot of practice to make perfect, which means you may need to spend a little extra time on certain makeup techniques until you get them just right. In the interest of saving time (and a headache or two), here are a few common mistakes makeup artists see and some tips on how to fix them fast.

The Mistake: Using the Wrong Foundation Shade

The Solution: Test out several shades of foundation (don’t just guess!) on your skin to see which one matches best and blends the most naturally. If needed, ask for a second opinion from a makeup professional the next time you visit the makeup counter. Once you’ve chosen the formula of your dreams, make sure you always use a foundation brush for application. For tips on how to pick out the perfect foundation for your skin tone (and type), read this.

The Mistake: Overly Lined Lips

The Solution: We all want fuller, plumper pouts but we sometimes can get a little crazy with the liner and end up looking a bit clownish, right? Make sure you enhance your lip shape by following its natural lines. Do not overdraw them so it looks too obvious or fake. The key word here is "natural."

The Mistake: Harsh-Looking Eye Shadow

The Solution: There’s nothing worse than eye shadow that hasn’t been blended. It’s not a flattering look! Your shadow should be blended so the color transition is seamless and natural, so make sure you use a blending brush when working on the eye crease. Blend, blend, blend (outward) until your shadow looks like pure perfection! For tips on how to blend eye shadow the right way, read this.

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The Mistake: Too-Bold Brows

The Solution: Fuller brows are very in, but there is such a thing as going too bold. When filling in your brows, create natural fullness and work with your natural arch by using a soft brow pencil with a brush component on the end. Comb through the brow hair and fill in lightly until all sparse areas are covered. Natural is always best when it comes to eyebrows. Follow this guide to get the naturally, fuller brows of your dreams.

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