As the wisest of modern poets say, “she got it from her mama." That penchant for red lipstick, those wildly perfect curls, an appreciation of perfectly sculpted brows. Whatever it is, we know that no one influences beauty habits more than mom. With Mother’s Day just days away, there’s no better time to reflect on all of mom’s lessons. From Jessica Alba to Kate Hudson, we gathered a bevy of beauty tricks celebrities picked up from their mothers.

“She still tells this to me: don’t wipe my face too hard or wipe my eyes too hard when I’m cleansing my face or when I put lotion on." - Jessica Alba

“She always told me [to] fear over-tweezing, so I tweeze one hair and then I have to stop and look – but I don’t go to a special brow guru; I do it myself.” - Emmy Rossum

“As cliché and generic as it might sound, washing my face has been something my mom has always impressed upon me. I always, always wash my face. Number one thing, no matter how tired.” - Camilla Belle

“She had me using the right kind of moisturizer and an eye cream by the time I was 18, because she was all about preventive care for young-looking skin. Which I think has helped!” - Kristen Bell

"The first thing to pop into my mind is that she taught me how to put on fake eyelashes. I don’t personally wear them because I wear contacts. I just love mascara. But she did teach me how to put them on! My mom also loves a matte lip. I’m also obsessed with a matte lip. I’m not into gloss and never have been—probably by example of my mother without knowing it." -Tracee Ellis Ross

My mom uses witch hazel as a toner, since she was a kid. And I think that is probably the best tip I picked up from her.” - Michelle Trachtenberg

“She's so good at applying makeup. She can do it in five seconds and she can do it without a mirror, I remember watching her. I'd sit there as she put her makeup on and think, 'Gosh, she's an angel.’" – Kate Hudson

“She used to use baby powder in her hair to get a tousled look. It's a great trick I now do!” - Eva Mendez

“I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize -- that's the most important lesson my mother passed on to me, and I say it to my daughters all the time.” - Demi Moore


*What’s the number one beauty lesson your mom taught you?


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Quotes: People; iVillage; Huffington Post Photo: Thickstock

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