Lately, it looks like the same technique that’s been dominating the skincare spotlight can be applied to your (soon-to-be) silky strands. With a list of benefits that includes  hydration, smoothing, body and shine — this approach to hair care is a little … out of the box. Not sure what we’re talking about just yet? Does the term “multimasking” ring a bell? Just like its skincare counterpart, multimasking hair targets various concerns. And while it does require more work (and a little extra $$$), trust us, your hair will thank you for the preferential treatment.  

Hair Masking

The “Why”

Like most beauty products, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula here. Fact is, different areas of your skin, body, etc., need various levels of TLC — and your mane is no different. Implementing the right combination of products maximizes your ability to treat combination hair — like greasy roots and frizzy ends. Ombré gals rejoice, because there IS a method to our madness.

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The “How”

So, how do you actually multimask? For instance, if you have colored hair with oily roots — but ends that are split and dry — you would use a mild, non-oily color fade mask for the top portion of your hair and an intense, deep-conditioning treatment for the bottom half. This would help treat dryness and split ends, while still maintaining bright and long-lasting hair color!  

Makes sense now, doesn’t it? While applying a moisturizing mask all over won’t cause your hair any harm, there’s no need to make your roots appear oilier when only your ends need the hydration! Is this something you’d ever try?

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