Over the hill and through the security checkpoint, to Grandmother’s house you go. But not without all the products necessary to keep your hair, skin and makeup in check, right? The holidays may arguably be the most important time of year to look your best. There are so many events, so many pictures being taken, so many people you haven’t seen since last year. But between the traveling and the poor weather, the odds aren’t always stacked in your favor. So even the odds with the must-have products that will help you fight the good holiday fight.

must have products for the holidays
For Glowing Skin: La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream
Instead of packing a sunscreen, a facial moisturizer and a foundation, just throw this miracle-working cc cream in your bag. The formula is great for sensitive complexions and evens out your skin tone, no matter how little sleep you got on your red-eye flight. Bonus? It smells divine, so you might even consider skipping a spritz of perfume. One less liquid item for your carry-on!

For Frizz-Free Hair:
Kérastase Carré Lissant Smoothing Sheets
Winter isn’t exactly the most friendly of seasons for shiny sleek hair. Instead, the wind, rain and snow can give you a major case of the frizzies. While there are so many great frizz-calming sprays out there, they aren’t ideal for travel. Instead? Try these ridiculously amazing sheets, which are essentially dryer sheets but for your hair. Just run a sheet down your hair and you’ve gotten rid of all the static and flyaways in less than a hot minute.

For Moisturized Skin:
NYX All-Over Balm
Whether you’re traveling on a plane or in a car, your skin is likely to dry out pretty quickly this time of year. Throw a tin of this balm in your bag to use it as a hand cream, lip balm or even apply a small amount to your nose or cheekbones to use as a soft highlighter. We love the Argan Oil version, and we also love that it’s a solid so again — one less liquid to annoy the TSA.

For Perfectly Primped Nails:
The Body Shop Gentle Nail File
Hell hath no fury like a woman with a severely chipped manicure. And when you’re on the move, stopping for a manicure isn’t exactly the most viable of options. This is why you should carry a compact nail file with you at all times during the holidays. The other reason is because its bright pink design is just oh-so-cute.

For Blemish-Banishment: NYX Wonder Pencil

The stress of travel might result in a stress pimple (or two). Cover it up stat with the help of this multifunctional concealer pencil. Not only does the Wonder Pencil cover up blemishes, but it also brightens your waterline and can help keep lip color in place!

What products do you have to pack when you travel? Spill your secrets in the comments below.

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