Faith Xue Feb 27, 2014
Here at MDC, we’ve always worn our heart on our nails. In fact, you can usually tell how we’re feeling with just a quick glance at our manicure. A bold color block mani? We’re feeling determined and ready to take risks. A pretty pink or purple? We might be swooning a bit on the inside over a certain dashing someone. A moody gunmetal gray? We’re probably feeling a bit temperamental at the moment (hey, at least we warned you). Whether you consider your nails your very own mood ring or usually stick to one or two of your favorite shades, our nail quiz will help you find the manicure that best describes your unique personality. Because a girl can never have too many manicure options…

nail art quiz 1. Which of these everyday outfits are you most likely to wear?

A.) A brightly-patterned vintage dress, belted cardigan and flat ankle boots
B.) A crisp blouse, black skinnies and Chanel ballet flats
C.) A color block tank, leather leggings and oversized sunglasses
D.) An off-the-shoulder tee, leggings and knit hat
E.) A fringe dress and ankle boots

2. Which of these going-out outfits are you most likely to wear?

A.) An A-line skirt, striped tank and chunky heels
B.) An LBD, stiletto pumps and sparkly jewels
C.) A two-piece crop top and skirt set paired with a sleek clutch
D.) A swingy pink drop-waist dress and smoking slippers E.) A sheer, flowy skirt and crochet top

3.  If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, you would go to:

A.) Ibiza
B.) Milan
C.) Tokyo
D.) Paris
E.) Hawaii

4. Pick your favorite flower:

A.) Sunflower
B.) Red rose
C.) Orchid
D.) Chrysanthemum
E.) Dandelion

5. Your favorite type of movie:

A.) Comedies
B.) Dramas
C.) Indie
D.) Romance
E.) You like all type of movies

6. It’s your birthday – at 7 PM you’re most likely to be found at:

A.) The amusement park with friends
B.) A fancy candlelit dinner
C.) The mall, treating yourself to the to-die-for dress you’ve been eyeing
D.) At the modern art museum
E.) Who knows? You’ll go wherever the day takes you

7. You’re most likely to spend your paycheck on:

A.) A quirky one-of-a-kind home décor piece
B.) Diamond earrings
C.) A bold top from Prada’s spring collection
D.) A dreamy painting
E.) A handcrafted dream catcher

8. Your ideal rainy day activity

A.) A fun DIY project for your home
B.) Window-shopping at Barney’s
C.) Planning out different outfits for your fashion blog
D.) Journaling and sketching
E.) Frolicking outside with your friends

9. Your favorite makeup look:

A.) A fun coral lip and swipe of bold liner
B.) Smoky eyes and a matte red lip
C.) Radiant orchid lip stain and a graphic cat eye
D.) A sheer pink lipstick and wash of shimmery eyeshadow
E.) Bronzer and sheer lip balm

10. Among your friends, you are always the one:

A.) Cracking jokes
B.) Choosing the new brunch date setting
C.) Causing them to ooh and aah over your outfit
D.) Inspiring them with your artistic talent
E.) Playing peacemaker  


Mostly A’s: Chevron Manicure You’re fun, you’re outgoing and you never take yourself too seriously. Always the one to make people laugh, your bubbly personality is infectious and you’re never afraid of a challenge. A quirky, eye-catching chevron mani is the perfect match for your cheerful demeanor.

Mostly B’s:
Caviar Encrusted Manicure You have a taste for the luxurious – and who can blame you? With a weakness for all things sparkly (especially in jewelry form), you prefer beautiful, understated classics as opposed to anything bold or trendy. But just because you live in the lap of luxury doesn’t mean you don’t know how to let loose and get a little daring – a graphic caviar encrusted manicure reflects that perfectly.

Mostly C’s:
Double Half Moon Manicure You fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow’s outfit options, you’d gladly spend every paycheck on and you’re never afraid to take a fashion risk. The color-blocked Double Half Moon Manicure is the perfect reflection of your stylish self – bold, eye-catching and always ahead of the trend.

Mostly D’s:
Watercolor Nails Like this art-inspired manicure, you’re a mix of feminine and artistic. You consider yourself a dreamer and are known for creating a mood board (or two) whenever you have free time. You’d just as soon spend a day inside sketching or painting as you would lose yourself in a pile of pastel dresses at your favorite local vintage shop.

Mostly E’s:
Feather Manicure You’re a free spirit and the most easy-going one in your friend group, always settling fights and playing peacemaker. You love spending time outdoors and will go wherever the wind takes you – whether it’s on an impromptu cross-country road trip or just a solitary hike through your favorite scenic route. The feather manicure will perfectly complement your closet, which is filled with fringe, crochet and flowing fabrics.  

What's your nail art personality? Tell us in the comments!


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