Here at MDC, we have the pleasure of working with some truly talented and fabulous experts who give us the inside scoop on all aspects beauty: makeup, hair, skin care, and nails. And, one of our favorite topics of conversation is trends. We always want to be at the forefront of the beauty world and share our knowledge and findings with you, so we are constantly chatting with our panel of pros on what’s the latest and greatest beauty product, look, technique, etc. Recently, we were lucky enough to have celeb nail artist Kait Mosh stop by the MDC headquarters and give us the inside scoop on the trends we’ll be swooning over in the spring!

Kait Mosh Spring Nail Trends

Team MDC: What are some nail trends we’ll be seeing in the spring?

Kait Mosh: Negative space nails, in whatever capacity, are still going to be big in the spring. The trend I’ve loved this winter that I believe will carry over into the spring is the reinvented half-moon mani. So this includes a straight line across the bottom quarter of the nail. The top three quarters are painted, so the bottom 25 percent is left clean and unpolished. It looks super chic and is one look that I recommend to my clients for when they go out. If they accidentally mess up their mani, it’s not noticeable. As long as you keep your cuticles moisturized, it looks great.

Team MDC: We definitely have seen a lot of negative space manis on the runways recently. Is there a particular negative space look that you’re loving?

Kait Mosh: There’s a new designer, Jesus Del Pozo, who presented his latest collection last month. Essie did the nails for the show and the look is a clean, matted nail with a metallic gold stripe down the middle of the nail. And, then gold glitter was added to the top of the metallic base stripe. It’s so cool!

(Spoiler alert! We were so inspired by this über-chic nail look, we asked Kait to recreate the look for MDC. Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial on this alternative negative space mani, which will be coming later this month!)

Team MDC: Pastels and nudes are seasonal staples for the spring season. What are your tips for making these neutral, barely-there shades really pop?

Kait Mosh: When working with pastels, it’s so important to find a shade that is complementary to your skin tone. If you get a color that is too similar to your skin tone it will definitely wash you out. For example, when going for a pastel pink, go for a color that is one shade lighter or darker to make sure it will pop and contrast nicely with your skin.  

Kait Mosh SPring Nail trends

Team MDC: What other color palettes will we be seeing in the upcoming spring and summer seasons?

Kait Mosh: Marsala is being played with quite a bit because it’s the Pantone Color of the Year. So, we’re seeing different shades of this deep red, especially bright burnt red shades. Dark colors are also still happening in the spring. Negative space nail art with darker shades. Also, we’re seeing a lot of celebrities wearing a clean, bare mani on the red carpet. So, besides the negative space nail, it’s all about a clean manicure with neutral colors. Some celebrities are even rocking unpolished, buffed nails.

Team MDC: Wow! How do you feel about this bare look?

Kait Mosh: I like the bare nail look if it is executed correctly. It’s very European. The mani needs to be done right. If you have nails that yellow at the ends, cut the nails short. If your nails have ridges or are not naturally beautiful, finding the right neutral to cover up imperfections and make them look clean and nice is key. 

Team MDC: How do you stay up-to-date (and one step ahead!) on new nail trends?

Kait Mosh: Nails play a big role at New York and London fashion week, so I pay attention to what’s going on at those events. Designer advertising campaigns are also a source of inspiration for me. When one of my favorite brands introduces a new campaign, I always study the clothes, patterns, colors and draw inspiration from that because those colors are going to dictate what people wear for the next six months.

Team MDC: Which designer is at the top of your inspo list?

Kait Mosh: Valentino. They’ve recently been reverting back to cool ‘70s colors — like browns, oranges and burnt reds — and making them new and modern.

What colors or patterns are you most excited about rocking in the spring? Spill in the comments below!

Photo: Erin Laine
Model: Kait Mosh

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