May 6, 2013 Deven Hopp Spotlight

Nail Files: 5 Must-Try Manicures

Put a bunch of beauty fanatics and couple of drawers full of nail polish in the same room and you can imagine what happens next. With all the manicure madness going on in the MDC offices, our nail files and polish brushes are pretty busy. So today we thought we would countdown our top five must-try manicures…
#5: Mixed Media Manicure

The mixed media manicure may have received a lot of hype earlier this year, but we’re hoping it’s here to stay. For all the details on this metallic matte mani, click here.
#4: Polka Dot Manicure 

The supplies are minimal and the spots are supremely springy. You can’t go wrong with the polka dot manicure. Find the full tutorial here.
#3: Ombre Manicure 

Oh my, it’s the ombre mani for our number three pick! This color fading effect is easier to create than you might think, check it out here.
#2: Color Block Manicure

Isn’t the hardest part of the manicure process picking a color? The decision just got simpler with the color block manicure. Grab your three polishes and click here for the tutorial.
#1: 3 Simple Nail Art Ideas to Try Now!

Our number one pick is actually a 3-in-1, but you could try all three at once (like we did!). For the full tutorial, click here.
Which one of our five faves gets your vote for number one? Tell us below!
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