Here's how our mani salon visits usually begin: stand in front of polish wall; feel overwhelmed; gravitate towards our go-to color family; reach for the ol' familiar polish or occasionally, feel a little adventurous and grab the next shade over. Sound about right? Although we love embracing the nail-trends of the moment, there's something to be said about having a signature color, a hue that always looks good, and makes you feel like… Here at, we’re a little obsessed (to put it lightly) with nails, so naturally we wanted to know what our go-to color says about us. Who better to turn to than Essie Weingarten, founder of essie cosmetics and creator of hundreds of polish colors (the very ones on the walls we stand in front of), to help us decode our manicure? nail polish color meaningsRed “Red means you’re very secure,” says Weingarten. “Everyone sees your strength when you walk into a room wearing red nail polish.” We love to project that confidence with the most iconic crimson of all, essie really red. Pink “The woman that wears pink is demure and soft,” Weingarten tells us. Show off your girly side with Julep Nail Vernis in Reese. Neon/Bright According to Weingarten, “those that gravitate towards neon and bright colors are usually young at heart, dynamic and bubbly.” Clinique Nail Enamel in Juiced Up conveys that energy in every way. Jewel Tone “Jewel toned nails tell me that the person is very sexy and seductive” says Weingarten. To play up your inner temptress, try YSL La Laque Couture in Violine Surrealiste. Dark “Dark polishes indicate that the woman wearing it is strong and deep,” Weingarten says. Don’t be afraid to get a little moody with L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Nail Color in After Hours. Green/Blue “The blues and the greens appeal to people who are tranquil and feel an emotional tie with nature. The colors usually remind them of the sea and the sky,” Weingarten explains. To add some zen to your life (or at least your hands), reach for Jin Soon Nail Lacquer in Poppy Blue. Pale/Natural “Natural or pale manicures can reflect either that someone is very feminine or prefers to play it safe,” says Weingarten. For special occasions where we want risk-free gorgeousness we say “yes” to the aptly named Lancôme Vernis in Love in Wedding Day. Glitter/Shimmer “A glittery or sparkly polish indicates that someone has a lot of spunk and vigor,” Weingarten tells us. “She likes to get dressed up and star in her own fairytale.” To unleash your inner Cinderella, try Ciaté Paint Pots Nail Polish in Carousel. Have another nail personality question Essie can answer? Fire away below! Photos: essie, Julep, Clinique, YSL, L'Oréal Paris, Jin Soon, Lancôme, Ciaté


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