Truth be told, very few members of Team MDC are blessed with the crafting gene. For most of us, our biggest crafting projects consist of adding glitter to something – anything, really. However, nail art is an area where we excel (please excuse the not-so-humble brag). So we decided to try our hand at a few crafts that fit right in our wheelhouse: Nail polish crafts. nail polish crafts  

Dip-Dyed Chopsticks

You’ll need chopsticks, tape and opaque crème nail polish. We used essie Tart Deco, Boom Boom Room, I’m Addicted and Come Here.
  1. Dip a test chopstick to see how much of the end will be dipped in color. The top may scrape the edges. So once you know where the color will end use that as a guide and place tape around the rest of the chopsticks.
  2. Dip the chopstick into the bottle and remove. Try to use nail polish bottles that are all at the same level. If one happens to be a little lower than the rest, simply tilt the bottle and roll the chopstick around to reach the top.
  3. Let the polish dry and repeat the process to ensure even color. Once the second coat is dry, just remove the tape – et voilà
nail polish crafts

Painted Necklace

You’ll need a piece of jewelry with clear stones and as many nail polish colors as you please. We used a necklace from Forever 21 and four pink polishes (we used L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail Color in Members Only, Hella Pink, Taste of Romance and Orange You Jealous?).
  1. Paint the stones in your desired colors.
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Wear it!
nail polish crafts

Marbled Glassware

You’ll need flat-bottomed glasses, a shallow tub for water (we used an old take-out container), room temperature water, a small stick like a toothpick and 2-4 nail polish colors (we used essie Find Me An Oasis, Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Day Glow Teal and essie Avenue Maintain).
  1. Fill a shallow container with room temperature water. The water needs to room temperature, otherwise the polish will harden too quickly.
  2. Gently pour the nail polish onto the water, alternating colors as you go. Get as close to surface of the water as possible and work slowly. The polish should float, not sink.
  3. Use a small stick to create a design in the polish. Start from the center and move quickly so the polish doesn’t start to harden.
  4. Submerge the bottom of the glass, then pull it out and let it dry. If you see any gaps in the color, just repeat the process.
Quick Tip: This technique can be used on your nails to create marbled nail art too! nail polish crafts   Will you try any of these crafts? Let us know which one below. 

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